Monday, October 30, 2006

Oops-exercise 15

After entering all my information into the blog, I noticed I had forgotten to blog about Exercise 15.

I do like the iceberg analogy. I notice that when the computers are running slow or down, there is chaos. I prefer gathering my data via the web but I do like knowing how and where to access it if I can't access the web.

As I was reading the articles, I kept thinking of something in my head. I kept thinking about how patrons can not download books in the computer lab at the library. That seems so odd. You'd think this would be the first place this would be allowed/capable. We are assuming that most of the patrons will have personal computers at home. I'd like to think we are offering downloadable books, in addition to the books on tape/CD.

I also find that at work we leave paper trails even though the info we store in the computer should be good enough. At Sor, we are still writing out receipts for lost books/nr fees....this seems like extra work in my book.

There is my .02.


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